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The GSI SLV offer a comprehensive programme of education and training in all fields of welding and cutting as well as material testing and surface treatment.The scope comprises welding education from welders to welding engineers. It includes education as materials tester or as welding inspector. Moreover, the fields of bonding and mechanical joining as well as surface treatment (corrosion protection, thermal spraying) are taught to a full extent. In addition to this, there is further training on a regular basis, both with different and recurring topics every year.

The knowledge obtained during education and training as well as the first years in a job and the skills acquired today do not last for a career of 30 or 40 years and more. Lifelong learning is absolutely necessary for the adaptation to the rapid changes of working life. Therefore it has played an increasing role during the last year in education politics and has arrived education policy.


As the only branch of GSI SLV mbH in Asia, GSI SLV Kunshan takes charge of some tasks from her headquarter. In order to satisfy the need of Chinese market, GSI SLV Kunshan is focusing on training and certifying International Welding Instructors according to DVS 1157, who are expected to be qualified to train welders in various welding processes, in order to improve and keep welders' skills and the quality of the products they make.
Additionally, GSI SLV Kunshan will also offer the following services:

- Training and certifying of Welders according to ISO 9606, directly authorized by GSI SLV.
- Offering consulting services for companies, who are to be audited according to International/ German standards as ISO 3834, EN 15085-2, EN 1090 including pre-auditing, contacting auditors from the headquarter to organize tailored auditing service for the companies.
- Technical assistance to sell products to over sea markets.
- Making reservation on expertise from GSI SLV for customers, facing their welding problem.

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